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Affordable Vs Expensive Beauty Products: What to Choose?

What is the difference between high-end and drugstore beauty products? This a question that a lot of us want to be answered. Well not to worry, we tested several popular beauty products from both sides of the scale. And now, we’ll tell which price range you should opt for when buying a specific beauty product. CleanserCleansing is the most important part of your skincare routine. Whether you should opt for an expensive cleanser or a cheaper one depends on how frequently you wear make-up. For people who wear make-up quite often, it is better to select an oil-based cleanser which is usually pricey but remove your make-up completely and prevent clogged pores. If you don’t wear make-up frequently, you can use a lighter cleanser which is usually quite affordable.Exfoliator/ScrubIt is better to go for a liquid exfoliator rather than a facial scrub. Liquid exfoliators are gentle on your skin and…