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Can a Healthy Diet Lead to a Longer Life Span? How?

Every human body has different needs and deficiencies. But if you live by a healthy diet designed for you, you can benefit from your health and overall lifestyle. But does having a healthy diet mean you can live longer? What Is A Perfect Human Diet? There is a lot of research available online that indicates that there is no “ideal’ or “perfect’ ‘ diet. However, since it is a human body, there are certain aspects that each body requires to be healthy and fit. A “perfect” human diet consists of many green vegetables, fibery meats, nuts and fruits, dairy and low degrees of stress, low contamination, no smoking, exercise and obviously tons and tons of daylight! How Does Our Diet Affect Our Life Span? Clinical analysis has shown that the best way to expand your lifespan is by following a healthy diet. Our lifespan is affected mainly by chronic diseases.…