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10 Effective Foods for a Healthy Scalp

When taking care of your hair you should remember that the healthier your scalp is, the better your hair is going to be. Your hair growth depends on several factors in which genetics play a major role. But there is one factor regarding hair growth and scalp health that is completely in your control and that is nutrition.Here we have for you a list of foods you should try to want to have a healthier scalp: Eggs Eggs are a good source of protein and biotin which are essential for the general health and growth of your hair. Biotin is essential for the synthesis of keratin which is the building protein of your hairBerries Berries contain high quantities of vitamin C and anti-oxidants. The anti-oxidant properties of berries protect the hair from protein harming molecules that naturally exist in our environment called radicals.Fatty Fishes Fatty fishes like Salmon contain Omega-3-fatty…