What Causes Digestive Problem?

Whether it is an upset stomach, diarrhoea, or heartburn that just doesn’t seem to go away, recurring digestive problems can sometimes point to something bigger than spicy food reactions or a case of gas. Digestive problems can be caused by various types of gastrointestinal disorders, some of which are serious conditions.

The human digestive system has the important role of processing nutrients and eliminating waste from the food that is digested. If you are experiencing problems with digestion, it can interfere with your daily life and routine. Problems with the digestive system can cause discomfort, embarrassing and inconvenient symptoms like flatulance or diarrhoea, and even severe, debilitating pain.

In this article, we will explain the primary causes of chronic digestive problems and treatment options for people who have recurring (or chronic) symptoms.

What Are the Primary Causes of Digestive Problems?

If you have been experiencing chronic digestive problems, you should make an appointment with a gastroenterologist for a check-up to determine the cause of your digestion problems.

Some of the most common causes of chronic digestion issues are gastrointestinal conditions including:

  • Acid reflux
  • Gallstones
  • Peptic Ulcers
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Haemorrhoids

Symptoms of Digestive System Problems

If you have problems digesting food due to ongoing digestion issues, you probably will have experienced at least a few of the symptoms below.

The most common digestive problems symptoms include:

Treatment for Digestion Problems

Depending on your symptoms, there are many digestive problem treatments available to relieve digestion problems. To prevent stomach issues, your diet is one of the best ways to prevent and manage digestion issues.

Follow these tips:

  • Eat fibre-rich foods.
  • Drink plenty of fluids to
  • promote good aid digestion.
  • Cut down on fatty foods.
  • Avoid spicy food.
  • Pay attention to foods that trigger symptoms.
  • Use probiotics.

What Are the Best Foods for Digestion Problems?

Eating a well-balanced and nutritious diet is important for managing digestion problems, the following foods are beneficial for promoting good digestion:

  • Whole grains.
  • Leafy greens.
  • Lean protein.
  • Low-fructose fruits.
  • Avocado.

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