What are the uses and Benefits of Biotin?

What is Biotin?

Also known as vitamin H or B7 capsules, it intervenes in the metabolism of fats, hydrates, purines, and amino acids. Today it is well known because it is an ingredient in many shampoos and vitamin complexes. The most common way of consuming it is in food supplements or naturally through foods such as egg yolk, kidneys, liver, yeast, etc. There are various supplements available online to treat Biotin deficiency. Biotin deficiency can be caused by malnutrition, rapid weight loss, long-term tube feeding, and other medical conditions. Biotin is a vitamin associated with the good condition of the skin and nails. Other uses not proven by research include treating brittle nails or very fine hair, diabetes, nerve pain, and several other conditions. 

How does the Biotin act?

Biotin is part of enzymes that are involved in different metabolic cycles like that of fats and carbohydrates, in the transfer of carbon dioxide. It occurs in the intestines, but can also be found in many foods.

Benefits of Biotin for hair growth and for nail strength, mental health, among others.

Best natural nail strengthener 

If your nails do not grow as long as you want and that is why you used acrylic nails, we give you the solution so that this no longer happens to you. Consuming biotin will help you grow strong and healthy, often being deficient in this vitamin is one of the reasons why they do not grow and break easily. So start taking biotin products to show off your beautiful long nails!

Improves your metabolism

Consuming biotin will help to have insulin sensitivity and therefore lower blood glucose levels, dramatically improving your metabolism. If you have diabetes, it will benefit you a lot to reduce complications with sugar, since glucose converts it into energy. 

Maximizes energy

Although there are certain foods supplements that help increase your energy level, but Biotin is a wonderful alternative since it has enzymes necessary to develop healthy cells, in addition to helping to increase the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates. Consume it daily with consistency and you will see the difference.

Perfect hair

Now on the market, biotin hair treatments have become popular and they give you strength, shine, and softness. Since it is in charge of regenerating the cells that help their growth. They have also developed masks and all kinds of products that improve the appearance of your mane, it will even control dandruff and eliminate them with the constant use of this vitamin. Do not forget that if you want greater results, opt for a supplement as well as have some food intake that contain it.

Weight loss

Although by itself it is does not help to lose weight, but it helps to make the process faster since it is in charge of accelerating the metabolism. Take into account that combining biotin in a balanced diet, regular exercise, and some other vitamin and mineral will generate great results. Consult your doctor to see what is recommended for you to lose weight before using anything.

Better memory

Another of its qualities is that it keeps the nervous system healthy, so it protects and benefits your brain, helps improves your memory, and creates a defensive layer against cognitive problems and neurodegenerative diseases, the properties of biotin are incredible. It is also recommended to consume more different B vitamins regularly that exist to increase these effects.

Natural painkiller

It must have happened to you that after exercising you have inflammation in the muscles or after having a long day of work you have joint pain, one of the answers is that your tissues are damaged, this happens due to age since over time these become weak. With a biotin food supplement products and having a Biotin rich diet, it will help you rebuild tissues and even deflate muscles and joints.

What dosage should you take?

The most common recommended dose of these multi-mineral capsules for adults is 20 mcg/day. However, there is no evidence showing a precise dosage, since the dosage can be varied based on a person’s other health issues, weight, diet etc. therefore, doctors recommend 20 micrograms a day as a safe bet. 

Does Biotin have any side effects?

Taking biotin in supplements does not hurt, but it can cause some side effects if you give your body more than it really needs.

One of those effects is acne. Consuming more vitamins than we require can produce an imbalance that weakens the protective layer of the skin.

This layer is the one that prevents environmental substances from entering the pores easily, and therefore, the one that protects us from blackheads.

If too much biotin is taken, there will be an imbalance of vitamin B, and blemishes will be more likely to appear on the skin of the face. However, each organism works differently, and some people may find it helpful to take biotin for hair, and not experience any side effects.

Anyway, if you have a tendency to have blemishes and want to try biotin, you had better consult a doctor who will know how to advise you in the best way.

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